With over 25 years of experience, Orbis Trading is one of the leading commodities and trading companies in Egypt.

Established in 1991, Orbis Trading specializes in global import and export business in Egypt. Founded by a management team with proven networking capabilities and strategic alliances at the governmental, public, and private sectors in Egypt.

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Integrating Trade with Integrity

About Orbis Trading

Orbis Trading, a commodity trading company specialized in global import and export, was established in 1991 in Cairo, Egypt. Orbis Trading has secured several representation of Agencies  which have lead to long-term partnerships with numerous  multinational organizations worldwide.

Advanced Networking Capabilities

Orbis Trading was founded by a management team with eminent networking capabilities, which has prompted strategic alliances at the governmental, public, and private sectors in Egypt. In addition, it has been actively and successfully engaged in various sectors and industries, which include: petroleum, petrochemical, fertilizer, sugar, water treatment, cement, and mining.

In the year 1999, Orbis Trading expanded and developed its business in trading to infiltrate the  energy field in products such as: Fuel Oil, Naphtha, Gas Oil , Derivatives & Additives, and oil-related products.

Rapidly Emerging

Orbis Trading has rapidly emerged as the fastest growing energy trading company in Egypt, due to alliances with various international partners and strong ties with local authorities and refineries. We have consistently exceeded our customer’s  expectations in view of our constant pursuit of excellence.

Starting the new millennium, Orbis Trading succeeded in becoming the sole representative agent for several distinguished multinational and international machinery building manufacturers, whom are leaders in their fields.

Orbis Trading’s introduction of various principles in the Egyptian Market has propelled them to become key players and major suppliers in their respective fields.

Leveraging the proven capabilities, expertise, and established relationships between Orbis Trading and its vast customer base, Orbis Trading is uniquely positioned to represent its partners in Egypt offering a multitude of value-added services.

An Established Name

Orbis Trading has erupted as a name in commodity trading and machinery supply and sustained its success for more than 25 years.
It is simply the company which reflect the professionalism and dynamics of globalization in the local Egyptian market.

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